Seal labels

For technical products, contact can provide destructible document films. These ultra-thin PVC films are finished with a powerful adhesive. When the label is removed, it will tear, since it cannot be removed in one piece.

And, of course, our product portfolio also includes tamper-evident VOID labels. They are predominantly used as guarantee dress and as danger warnings, and in calibration and sealing applications. If anyone attempts to detach the label, it will fall apart and the previously invisible word “VOID” will appear on the surface of the object concerned. Any attempt to detach it is thus rendered visible.

contact VOID labels are made of polypropylene and are particularly resistant to chemicals, UV light, heat, moisture, abrasion and lubricants.

As a manufacturer of labels and hand-held labelling systems, contact offers you customised solutions for all product labelling jobs. contact produces your order entirely in line with your own individual wishes, stipulations and requirements. Our team of can-do staff in the back office and in field sales will be pleased to advise you.